What a Life Coach Can Do For Business Owners

What a Life Coaching Program Can Do For Business Owners

Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have gotten to where they are today with the help of a trusted mentor. Looking at some of these highly influential people, it can be easy to think that they’re simply immune to self-doubt and making the wrong decisions. What people don’t consider, however, is the people working behind the scenes to support them on this journey.

As a business owner, you have countless things on your plate at any given time. Running a company may often feel like hard work; you’re probably firing on all cylinders daily in order to keep everything moving smoothly. Not to mention that other people, whether it’s your customers or your staff, look to you for their own guidance and information. 

With that in mind, you’re less likely to be successful if you try to bear this weight all on your own without some kind of external support. To successfully run your business, you need someone to help you to build your vision and keep you accountable when it comes to working towards it at all times. One of the best ways to get this support is through the use of a life coach.

Life coaching versus business coaching

You might be wondering why a business owner ought to work with a life coach versus a more professionally-oriented business coach. Professional coaching is an invaluable tool in the toolkit of business owners and entrepreneurs, but it has the downside of being solely focused on your growth as a professional. I prefer an approach that considers a business owner’s personal growth in equal weight.

As much as we’d like to think our personal and professional lives are completely separate, these lines become much less defined when you’re the one running the show. A business is your brain-child—it’s your own personal project that you have a huge personal stake in. It can be challenging to make the right decisions for yourself when you’re focused only on your business, and the inverse is equally true.

A life coach provides a holistic, objective view on your journey as a business owner and personally. These two sides of yourself are deeply intertwined. You’d be best served by engaging with both of these sides rather than neglecting one side in favour of the other. At the same time, a life coach can provide you with an in-depth analysis and support on the business side of things and give you an all-around clarity that’s sure to give your company an edge.

My approach to life coaching for business owners

With twenty years of business experience under my belt in addition to my coaching expertise, I can provide a great advantage to business owners looking to make strong moves towards clear-cut goals. Some of the most common ways I help business owners via my life coaching services and programs are:

  • Identifying a clear vision for both your personal and professional life
  • Setting a roadmap of goals and milestones that guide clients to their vision
  • Providing accountability and support
  • Cultivating personal growth of all types
  • Helping with self-discovery and leading clients to the answers to their struggles

In my experience, many entrepreneurs are wonderfully creative, with life-changing ideas. Most have little or no knowledge of how to run the administrative or financial side of the business effectively. They don’t know what they don’t know. 

This costs them and their clients huge dollars. The losses all the way around are staggering. Often this lack of knowledge is what causes businesses to go under. Their brilliant ideas never get off the ground or make the impact they could have.

I am in the unique position to both be a coach and a business mentor. With my extensive experience in finance and admin for small business, I can teach my entrepreneur clients what most learn the hard way over many years of frustration, financial loss, and missed opportunity.

I combine my passion for personal improvement with my passion for process improvement and can help you streamline your business so you work smarter not harder. In many cases I have cut processing time in half saving companies tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

If you’re ready to take the first steps into unlocking your true potential as a business owner and personally, reach out to me today!

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