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Reading Cards

When people think about reading cards, some may think about reading your future. Put this aside. You do not have to believe in the supernatural, superstitions, or even in “fortune telling” to receive some help from a card reading.

5 Mistakes

People Make When Faced with Obstacles


Reading cards is an ancient tool traditionally used to find insight and develop intuition. Many use card readings to find meaning and perspective on work, relationships, love, and many of life’s other questions. Others may simply use it as a fun and easy way to check in with their intuition or to develop it further.

Each card uses symbols with a unique meaning, such as joy, struggle, overcoming, and resilience to name a few. There are many types of different decks, different themes, different spreads. There are often books that come with each deck which describes each card in detail. All decks have common themes; however, the meaning and symbolism used vary slightly with each deck. The meaning of each card can also vary slightly depending on the deck and the reader you are consulting.


“Kathryn did a reading for me and it was SO bang on! Not only did it give me the guidance and answers I was looking for, she went into detail on some key aspects of the reading which ended up being very, very helpful and left me feeling confident and assured! Kathryn has a natural presence which is inviting, and lovely to work with.”

~ Sarah, Vancouver, Canada

“Twice now, I’ve had tarot readings from Kathryn. She gave me a really good understanding of what the cards were saying. I felt I got more from this reading than I had from previous ones! Questions about my business came to us. Kathryn kindly finished the session with some business coaching – it really clarified a problem I was dealing with. I would highly recommend being coached by Kathryn! She is warm, kind and wise. I look forward to being coached by her again!”

~ Elan, Vancouver, Canada

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