Work 1 on 1 Life Coach, Kathryn Johnson and Break Through Your Obstacles

Are you facing obstacles and looking for some support to move forward? Life coaching can help you if you...

  • Want more out of life
  • Often feel overwhelmed and stressed out
  • Feel like there is never enough time in the day
  • Wish you had better control of your finances
  • Want more money

Life Coach, Kathryn Johnson is available to work 1 on 1 with you in an individual program tailored just for you. Kathryn will use her 10+ years of experience in psychology and human behavior, law of attraction, energetics, high-performance, and business to help you break through your obstacles and live a life filled with joy and freedom.

Kathryn will show you how to find the joy in obstacles and build a life you love. You will learn to create a vision for your life and live from it today—regardless of your current situation.

You'll begin to make choices based on your true desires rather than on your circumstances. You will become empowered with simple tools and techniques for everyday life including:

  • Mastering time management
  • Becoming more organized and productive
  • Clearing Clutter – making space for you
  • Personal Finance – get more out of your money
  • And more!

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Start living the life you have always wanted to live today!
Life Coach Rates: 1-hour session - US$120.00 (PayPal or E-Transfer)

Please contact Kathryn to book an appointment or use the payment button on this page.

Life coaching with Kathryn Johnson

Non-Canadian Residents: 1-hour Session USD$120.00

Canadian Residents: 1-hour Session CAD$160.00 + GST

What Clients are Saying About Kathryn’s Coaching Sessions

"Today was my first time working with Kathryn. Our session was pleasant, uplifting and informative. Her thoughtful insight, and the tools she offered helped me move forward. I gained clarity on my values and a better understanding of my priorities. She was very helpful. I look forward to our next session."
—Lisa, New York, USA

"I highly recommend Kathryn. She shared such immense value that I had to take notes.  In less than a week of reviewing my notes and applying the strategies from Kathryn’s session I have moved closer to my goals and my ideal vision for my life. Thank you Kathryn! I have no doubt you will achieve massive success by helping countless others achieve their dreams."
—Sparky, Jamaica