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4 Types of Obstacles to Start Embracing in the New Year

With a new year comes so many new challenges and opportunities. It’s the perfect time to reflect on where we’ve been, and then chart a course for where we’re headed. 

Like anything worth doing, this upcoming year is likely to come with a suite of new and unexpected obstacles. 

Rather than resisting these challenges and seeking easier routes, the New Year is the perfect time to start embracing them.

Understanding the power of obstacles

As a spiritual life coach and transformational speaker, no concept is more central to my philosophy than embracing obstacles. Even though obstacles are perceived as the challenges that stand between us and our goals, I am a firm believer in their power to help us change ourselves and grow as people.

Consider one of the largest obstacles I ever had to face. Being born with Cerebral Palsy, I was told a simple yet discouraging phrase over and over again by so many people: “you can’t.” Rather than believe them and let this attitude discourage me, I used it to motivate me and  replied, “yes, I can“. 

Today, I’m overjoyed to say that I live a life I’m proud of, and accomplished many things many people said would be impossible. I simply committed no matter what, and because of this resilience, I’ve come to love and respect obstacles for what they are: opportunities for change and sources of joy.

So, with all that in mind, what obstacles might the New Year hold? And how can you embrace them to make a true change in your life? Here’s my list:

1. Business challenges

With a New Year comes a unique opportunity to turn over a new leaf in your professional life. 

Whether you’re a business owner, you’re a hopeful self-starter, or you’re climbing the corporate ladder in your field, there’s no better time to critically evaluate the challenges of working life than the New Year. 

When we’re so preoccupied with making ends meet and making the best choices for our careers, it can be extremely hard to take a step back and really evaluate where we’re at. 

This year, take your time to really look at the map of your professional journey so far.

Are you fulfilled in your job? 

Does your job leave you feeling like you’re making a difference in the world? 

Or is it something that doesn’t spark joy for you, and simply pays the bills? 

Is there room for professional growth that you haven’t been able to see, or have convinced yourself you’re not worthy of? 

These aren’t just high-minded, philosophical questions. When you break them down, they’re really just more obstacles standing between you and the things you want. 

Take this fresh start to the calendar year as an opportunity to consider all these questions, and decide which aspects and obstacles of your career you’re ready to take on, tackle, and change for the better.

2. Shrugging off stale thought and behavior patterns

As humans, we love to be comfortable. Whether it’s falling into stagnant routines or getting complacent with the way we live our lives, many of us have a nasty habit of deciding that things are ‘good enough’ and choose not to strive for something more. In the New Year, I highly recommend evaluating the ways you think and act. It is one of the most important things one must do if thee want something different in their life 

The specifics of this kind of obstacle are different for everyone. Maybe you realize you’re not making enough time for your passions outside of your work. Perhaps you discover that you’re constantly trapped in thoughts of self-doubt and self-deprecation. Whatever the case, making these realizations can be a real challenge, and making the changes needed can be even harder.

Even though critically evaluating the patterns of our thought and behavior is so difficult, there are few things as rewarding as making the changes you wanted all your life. Now is the perfect time to do it. 

Be sure to take stock, face your personal obstacles, understand it’s okay to be afraid, and help your future self by making the changes you need today.

3. The fear of taking a new direction in life

Whether it’s work, relationships, hobbies, or anything else, we all have things we dedicate our time to, either by choice or by necessity. With that said, sometimes we realize that the things we thought were so important to focus on are no longer serving us, and that’s when it’s time to take a new direction.

People are afraid of the unknown. While this instinct might have helped us survive thousands of years ago, it often does nothing except hurt us in these modern times. Rather than accepting life today as it is, use the New Year as an opportunity to truly take on the obstacle of self-actualization

Looking back five, ten, or twenty years, where did you hope you’d be around this time? What hopes, goals, and wildest dreams did you have for your future? When you look around now, how close are you to those aspirations? 

If the answer is ‘not close enough,’ then it’s time to reroute. 

While making these drastic changes to our lives is never easy, it’ll be one of the best things you ever do for yourself

4. Learning about yourself

It’s often said that we can’t know anything until we know ourselves. As the filter and lens through which we experience everything, we need to understand who we are before we can truly hope to understand anything else. 

This is another truly challenging task. We often have an instinct to not make a fuss about ourselves, to think less of us than we do of other people. 

I urge you to make time to learn about yourself in the same way you would someone new. In addition to everything you already know, you’re bound to discover even more. These might be things you like about yourself, or things you know you could improve on. 

What’s most important to remember is that no meaningful change can happen before you truly know who you are.

Starting the New Year off right

If this article has struck a chord with you, it probably means now is the perfect time to embrace those obstacles you’ve been afraid to deal with. And while all of this can be done on your own or with the help of loved ones, sometimes it’s easier to undertake these obstacles with a little outside perspective.

As a spiritual life coach with so much to offer, I’ve had the privilege of helping people overcome and embrace countless obstacles of every shape and size. 

If you’re looking for someone who can help you learn about yourself, shape your habits, and transform your life into something beautiful that gets you excited for each and every day, I can help. 

To learn more about embracing obstacles or to get started today, contact me.

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