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How Life Coaching Helps You Become More Organized

Do you have the tendency to get a little disorganized? It happens to the best of us—we leave the house in a rush and forget something essential, or we don’t get around to cleaning our house, or we can’t find what we need in our closets, or we’re overwhelmed one week and double-book ourselves. Getting mixed up from time to time is normal. However, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

For many, getting organized is a constant goal on the horizon that is never quite within reach. You may feel on top of things one day, then feel like a scattered mess the next. This is because being organized isn’t a behaviour, a habit, or something you can periodically do. It’s a state of mind. Some people are lucky enough to come by an organized perspective naturally. Perhaps they were raised to believe that being organized is important, or they’ve learned the hard way that they need to be organized to succeed. For the rest of us however, getting organized can be a real challenge. 

Thankfully, there’s one way that anyone can learn the mindset of organization: life coaching.

How does life coaching teach organization?

At its very core, life coaching is a process of changing one’s mindset. While it’s different for every single client I work with, the vast majority of it comes down to identifying obstacles, making plans, and ensuring those plans come to fruition. When you adopt this mindset to the trials of life, they begin to look a lot less overwhelming. However, it wouldn’t be possible to effectively embrace obstacles without being organized.

As a life coach, I’ve seen firsthand the difference that getting organized can have in my clients. When we’re disorganized and deep in the woods (so to speak), it can feel impossible to find our way out. Conversely, when we feel on top of things, it’s much easier to gain a bird’s-eye-view on our situation and make a plan to move forward. That’s why I always make organization one of my top priorities when getting started with new life coaching clients. As a matter of fact, organization is a key factor in every single aspect of my coaching work. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Creating goals

Helping people have what they want is the foundation of my life coaching sessions. Without aspirations, we won’t feel the desire to push ourselves, and we’re more likely to remain static in a position that’s ‘good enough,’ rather than stretching ourselves to become who we truly want to be. When I begin coaching with a client, I always get to know them through their goals. These can be short-term or long-term. It’s important that they’re clear, tangible, and achievable.

Often, people have only vague ideas of their goals. However, I make it a priority to help them to clarify and solidify these goals into something they can easily state without hesitation. After just a handful of my sessions, my clients will have clear goals for the near and distant future, giving them the initial push on their way to becoming more organized.

Step 2: Identifying the problem

Generally, people come to a life coach because something in their life is not going the way they want it to. Maybe they’re facing a difficult issue, or perhaps they’re just not sure how to achieve their goals. Organization is instrumental in this first step of life coaching, because you need to be able to identify the problem before we can work on a solution. 

Oftentimes, people come into our coaching sessions with a loose idea of their issue, and it isn’t until I begin to methodically walk them through the situation that they become aware of exactly what’s holding them back. Many times, I’ve pointed out something that may be obvious from an outside perspective, only for my client to suddenly have an epiphany as they begin to realize the scope of their issues. This is the first taste of organization for my life coaching clients, and is a great way to demonstrate why it’s such a valuable trait to have.

Step 3: Making a plan

This third step of life coaching is often when a client’s organization skills are really put to the test. We know where we want to be thanks to the goals we made, and we know what stands in our way thanks to us identifying the problem. 

Now it’s time to make a plan to embrace those obstacles and achieve your goals. This is one area of life coaching that differs drastically from client to client. Making a plan to embrace an obstacle might be a simple three-step process for less complex problems, or it could be a months-long affair with many smaller goals along the way. Whatever the case, I always work with my clients to develop a plan, which helps people get more clarity prior to their next obstacle. Not only does this help people see their route to their goals, it also allows them to feel confident as they move forward with each step of the plan.

Step 4: Getting it Done

Once you’ve created your plan, it’s time for the all-important step of taking action. It might seem like all the organization takes place in the planning stage, yet executing puts these skills to the test just as much. If you’re scattered and unfocused, you won’t be as effective when it comes to checking things off your list along the way to your goals. I work closely with my clients in this stage especially, holding them accountable for their actions and helping them to stay on track and stay organized as they encounter each obstacle. 

It’s normal to occasionally lose perspective as you work through your plan, which is why having your organizational skills to fall back on is so valuable. You can rely on your plan and your methods when it feels impossible to get a vantage point on your life—that’s why I believe in the power of being organized.

Getting started with life coaching

Reading all this, it might seem like organization is something of a prerequisite to seeing results from life coaching. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. You don’t need to have any organizational skills when you begin life coaching with me, because I consider it as another significant element of the philosophy and mindset that I pass on to my clients. Not only will these lessons on organization help you within the scope of life coaching, they’ll also carry over to every other part of your life once you realize the impact they can have. 

If you have more questions about how life coaching can help you get organized, or if you’re ready to see the benefits firsthand and set up an initial appointment, contact me today!

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