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How Life Coaching Helps You Manage Fear & Indecision

The journey of life is by no means a straight line. We make decisions every day, whether big or small, and sometimes it’s difficult to feel confident in the choices we make. We might feel unprepared for the road ahead, unsure of which decision is the right one, or doubtful that we’re on the right track at all. That’s why it’s so incredibly helpful to have a trusted person to help you gain perspective on your situation, keeping you grounded and aware as you navigate your own personal journey. One of the best ways to gain this outside look is by undergoing life coaching sessions.

Despite the fact that humans seek certainty, life is full of ambiguity. It’s not always immediately clear which decision is the right one, and there’s certainly no way to know you’re headed on the right path towards your goal. Although I may not necessarily have every single answer for you, my experience and expertise in a mentorship role means that I’m more than capable of helping you manage doubt and insecurity.

How I can help you stay on the right track

Life coaching focuses on a long-term relationship between a mentor and mentee. As your coach, I will begin working with you by outlining the goals, whether they’re in the immediate future or on the distant horizon. When these are clearly set, I can use my experience as a mentor and my ability to view your circumstances objectively to help guide you down the path towards your goals.

The world’s most successful and influential people make use of a trusted life coach in some capacity, and it’s easy to see why. Having someone who’s specifically there to help you operate in the world and achieve your goals is a huge asset, and one that could change your life. 

In a nutshell, as your spiritual life coach I’m there to support you through your journey. Some of the most common ways I help clients are:

  • Identifying and cultivating personal strengths
  • Identifying goals and building plans to achieve them
  • Providing a trusting and authentic relationship
  • Offering my wisdom and outside perspective
  • Cultivating awareness between past experiences and current challenges

I definitely don’t use a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, I leverage my years of experience working with clients from all walks of life to help them gain perspective. From there they make the choices that feel right for them. So with that in mind, how can I help you manage your fear and indecision, battle self-doubt, and ultimately achieve your goals?

Unravelling indecision via life coaching

When we’re faced with a tough decision, it can be extremely difficult to feel like we’re making the wisest, most informed decision. Often, our emotions, fears, and personal stakes in the decision can cloud our view, blocking us from a true understanding of a situation. Because a life coach is experienced in navigating these key turning points, and because they’re in a position to take a more analytical, logical look, having one of these professionals as a confidante in times of major decisions can be truly invaluable.

Life coaches like myself have simplified decision-making and overcoming obstacles to some basic principles. If you’re faced with a difficult choice, the first thing I will do is start asking you questions. Not only does this provide me with information, it also gently guides you towards making realizations of your own. Some of the questions I may ask you during a life coaching session are:

  • What would you love for the outcome of this decision?
  • What actions can you take to make this dream outcome the most likely one?
  • What is stopping you from acting?
  • What if you knew you weren’t going to fail?

Often, the root cause of indecision or lack of action is fear. This isn’t a mark against anyone’s character—it’s a simple fact about humans. At a deep, primal level, we’re opposed to failure, and for some that can extend to even the possibility of failure. It can be truly challenging to compromise between these two emotions: the desire to do something more, and the fear of failing at it. 

At its worst, fear feels like an unknowable monolith of negative emotion. It can be difficult to even fully wrap your head around fear, let alone take steps to overcome it. I understand how paralyzing fear can be. I can help you get at what is behind the fear, and develop strategies to help you move through it or even resolve the issue completely as you move toward your goals.

I believe a large contributing factor to fear and lack of action is a lack of information and perspective. After all, you’ll feel less confident in making the right decision if you don’t have enough information available to you. This can make a potentially vital decision feel like an ill-informed shot in the dark, and might discourage people from taking a risk at all.

Embracing Uncertainty

It’s often much more difficult to think clearly when you’re in the throes of major decision-making. Whether it’s asking the important questions that force you to reevaluate your approach or developing strategies to move through or resolve fear, there are countless ways that I can help you feel more confident in your actions.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to manage your fear and indecision, or if you’re ready to get started with a life coach who can help you to act with confidence, you’ve come to the right place. I have years of experience in life coaching and business, and all the skills necessary to help you act with confidence when it comes time for your next big decision. If you’re ready to get started with life coaching, don’t hesitate to contact me today!

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