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My integrated open-door coaching programs utilize both left analytical brain thinking (over 20 years as a Chartered Professional Accountant) and right intuitive brain thinking (Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Intuitive) to gather deeper insight into your personal obstacles whether they be in life and/or business. This unusual combination of left and right brain thinking comes together in my unique coaching offerings.

5 Mistakes

People Make When Faced with Obstacles

Going Further




It takes years to build the beliefs, values and styles that are you. To undo some of our past learning and move into new territory can take time. You can start with 90 days. This is the amount of time that is recommended for forming new habits.



What areas of life do you want to address – you can pick two distinct areas of focus and we will spend 90 days on each life area, so we can transform and deep your life’s purpose and desires.



The program has four areas of concern each 90 days long. The four area of focus are: health, wealth, relationships, and career, in any order you choose to address them. If you are truly serious about a whole life shift, this is the program for you. By committing to a full year in four distinct cycles we will be able to construct the life you most desire.


“I highly recommend Kathryn. She shared such immense value that I had to take notes. In less than a week of reviewing my notes and applying the strategies from Kathryn’s session I have moved closer to my goals and my ideal vision for my life. Thank you, Kathryn, I have no doubt you will achieve massive success by helping countless others achieve their dreams.”

~ Sparky, Jamaica

“Today was my first time working with Kathryn. Our session was pleasant, uplifting and informative. Her thoughtful insight, and the tools she offered helped me move forward. I gained clarity on my values and a better understanding of my priorities. She was very helpful. I look forward to our next session.”

~ Lisa, New York, USA

“I am so grateful to Kathryn for her services as a coach and what I would say, an energy worker. When I first came to Kathryn, I was feeling really scattered with all the recent major life changes I had made. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right life choices, and I was beating myself up a lot for not having it “all together” yet. ”
~ Sade Makerra
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