Mediumship Readings


Have you ever wondered what happens once we pass on?
Would you like to have some support in a private and spiritual manner?

By booking one of my mediumship sessions, you can find resolution, a greater sense of peace with your inner self, and an emotional connection with loved ones who have passed on.


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Mediumship is the ability to communicate with those who have passed on. They are often referred to as those in spirit or the spirit world. The purpose of mediumship is to share with loved ones that our lives continue after we pass. Mediums are aware of the spiritual world, and function as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical one. They have fine-tuned their senses making it possible to receive messages from the spirit world and relay them to those in the physical world. The messages can be delivered in a variety of ways including thoughts, sounds, mental images, and by deep knowingness.

Think all mediums are like those you see in movies and on television? Think again. Anyone who is willing to approach spirituality with an open mind and open heart can receive some form of spiritual mediumship development. Some people may choose to become mediums to offer their reassurance and support to anyone having difficulty facing life without the physical presence of their loved ones.

Even if you are skeptical, you can still get a lot out of a mediumship reading. With a willingness to broaden your horizons, developing that connection with those who have passed into the spiritual world becomes easier. If you are at all wanting to better understand what life may be like for those who have passed on, a private reading with me may be a good start.


The experience of a mediumship session, or a reading, is highly individual. What you may receive from your time spent with me depends on many factors, including your intention and openness to seek a reading and the ability and desire of those on the other side to communicate.

A mediumship reading is somewhat like a phone conversation. The medium blends with the spirit communicator and relays the message to those seeking a reading through a variety of perceptions.

By working with me as your guide, you can learn how to further enhance your understanding of our spiritual nature and receive some peace of mind about life on the other side.

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