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4 Things About Mediumship that aren’t True

For many people, a medium is an invaluable person to meet who can help one to gain new insight and perspective, emotionally connect with those who have passed on, and gain closure on difficult losses. Despite so many people finding clear advantages from such services, many mediumship myths continue to persist in the public eye.

As a longtime medium, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that this service can have on my clients. Whether you’re coming in to speak with a particular ancestor, or if you arrive with an openness to hearing whatever is sent your way, people find all kinds of unique benefits and takeaways from working with their medium. Unfortunately, many of the myths flying around about this service turn people away from it completely, thus denying them a potentially powerful spiritual experience.

In an effort to set the record straight, I’d like to address the four most common mediumship myths and provide some education on the reality behind working with a medium.

Myth #1: All mediums are scammers

Unfortunately, this remains as one of the most prevalent myths about mediumship. From its origins all the way to today, for every person open to the power of mediumship is at least one more who firmly believes it’s a scam. There are a number of reasons ultra-skeptics believe mediums are con-artists, and most of them involve a medium tricking a client into parting with their money. Although some so-called mediums do engage in dishonest tactics when soliciting clients, I’ve found that the vast majority are not particularly motivated by money at all.

The truth about true mediums is they have known they have a special ability for a long time. For some, it can be a long and difficult road to come to terms with their gift, with many even being skeptical of themselves to start. However, as mediums become more comfortable, they tend to realize they can use their skill-set to help people, which is the most common reason mediums begin to market their services. I for one have always been far more interested in having the privilege of facilitating connections, epiphanies, and spiritual breakthroughs than in making money off my clients. My true reward is seeing the benefits my work can have on people from all walks of life, and the same goes for every other medium I’ve met.

Myth #2: Mediums are mind-readers

Some people who are open to the idea of a spirit world are nevertheless skeptical of mediums. Some believe that mediums are also capable of reading minds, or worse, incepting foreign thoughts and exerting control over their clients. In reality, most mediums can’t read minds, nor do they claim to. Whereas true con-artists make all kinds of bold claims about seeing into your thoughts in an effort to make money, genuine mediums tend to have a lot more humility. 

When I work with a client in my role as a medium, I focus on tuning into their spiritual and emotional energy rather than trying to see into their mind. By allowing myself to become attuned with them, I’m able to become the bridge between them and whatever spirits are ready to communicate—no mind-reading involved or desired. My decades of training and experience has taught me that true mediumship is a highly ethical practice with a great respect for boundaries. I am given information that allows you to get the message that is most helpful to you, while at the same time not knowing anything that would be a violation of privacy.

Myth #3: Mediums open gateways to negative energy

Some people are full believers in spirits and spiritual communication, yet they adamantly refuse to go to a medium because they believe it will create a permanent opening for negative spiritual energy in their life. However, I’m happy to say that this is simply not the case. Mediums, myself included, are generally not capable of creating permanent spiritual gateways of any kind, nor would they want to. 

Sometimes the revelations my clients experience will be challenging or even a little frightening, however these experiences always serve a greater purpose. If you’re concerned about opening a door that can’t be closed when working with a medium, you can feel confident that all your experiences will be valuable and self-contained, without any lasting presence beyond the lessons you take away from it.

Myth #4: Mediums choose who and what to present to a client

There’s another myth that mediums enter into a session with some kind of agenda for their client. Some believe that mediums have full power over the spiritual connections that occur with their client, or even that they control the messages that come through. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can think of a medium as someone who has the ability to connect and interpret, like a facilitator for communications between the worlds of the living and spirits. 

Mediums don’t have complete control over what goes on once a connection has been established. They can guide the communication and ask questions; however, if it is best something not be revealed, it won’t be. They may help to interpret some of the communication you receive. However, anyone who tells you that a medium is in charge of the content of your conversation with whatever spirits join your session, is sorely mistaken.

Getting started with mediumship sessions

If you’re a little skeptical about mediumship, or if you simply don’t know much about it, it can be difficult to make the first step into this fascinating and eye-opening world. The barrier to accessibility is made even higher by the countless myths that circulate on the topic. Hopefully with some of these untrue ideas set straight, you can begin to see the potential benefits of working with a medium. 

If you’re still wondering about mediumship, or if you’d like to book your first session and see how it can help you, contact me today!

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