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6 Questions to Ask During a Mediumship Session

As a longtime medium, I’ve helped countless people communicate with the spirits of friends, family, and even more distant ancestors, and helped to remind them that those we love are still with us in spirit. For the readers who are not sure what a medium is, let me tell you. Mediums are people with the ability to connect us with those we’ve lost. They act as a bridge between the world of the living and the world of spirits, and become an interpreter and connector for their clients. 

For people looking to work with a medium, it can be difficult to know what to expect and how to get the most out of your session. Since every medium works a little differently, sessions can be a surprise even for people who have worked with other mediums in the past. Whether it’s your first session or your fiftieth, there are countless benefits to having clear intentions and goals for your next medium session. This lets you shape and guide the session as you see fit, and makes it more likely that you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. With this in mind, here are six questions to ask during a mediumship session.

1. Which path is the right one for me?

One of the number one reasons that people turn to mediumship is to get a new perspective on their life. Perhaps you’re faced with a tough decision, or it feels like you’re stuck in a rut. Often, the messages from spirits that are conveyed by a medium can give valuable insight into your life situation, and provide context for the choices ahead of you. By asking your medium (and by extension, the spirit world) for advice on your route through life, and by being truly open to the answer, you might make an unexpected discovery about yourself, and get guidance for the future at the same time.

2. What am I missing in my life?

Sometimes when we’re struggling, the answers can be right under our nose. If you’ve ever been faced with a truly difficult situation, you know that sometimes we need guidance and wisdom from someone on the outside, and there’s no better way to gain that perspective than communing with a spirit. By asking your medium what you’re missing in life, you’re opening yourself up to what could be a valuable piece of insight—and it might be just the thing you needed to keep moving forward.

3. What do I most need to know right now?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to enter a mediumship session with clear ideas on what you want to know. It’s also sometimes best to simply be open to whatever messages may present themselves. Similar to the previous question, asking your medium what’s most important for you to know allows the spirit world to hand deliver only the most vital information. If you approach the session with an open mind and heart to whatever the spirit world wants to tell you, you’re much more likely to walk away with the answers that will help you the most.

4. Are there any messages for me?

Asking this question is yet another way to broaden your horizons when working with a medium. By simply checking in to see if there are any messages floating around for you, you give your medium the freedom to draw wisdom from all kinds of sources, not just a handful. The messages you receive when you ask this question might be from someone you knew and loved in your lifetime, or it could be from a relative who passed away before you got to meet them, or it could be from a spirit that isn’t directly related to you at all. What’s most important is to be open to these messages, no matter where they’re from or what they contain.

5. What kind of energy is around me?

In addition to the ability to connect people with the spirit world, many mediums have a gift for reading people’s energy. Some call it aura, spirit, or atmosphere, and all of us have it. Our energy is dynamic, and it follows us everywhere. 

A medium will get help from available spirits to identify the exact nature of your energy, which can be a great help for people interested in learning more about themselves. Perhaps your medium notices your aura is heavy and dark, which could be an indicator of emotional turmoil or difficult circumstances holding you back. By communing with the spirit world and using their gifts of emotional and spiritual attunement, your medium can help identify your energy and let you learn about yourself as a result.

6. What should I do to protect my energy?

Protecting your energy is an abstract concept. It’s absolutely crucial though that you maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of life.  Because everyone’s energy is so different to begin with, it’s impossible to make generalizations about the best way to look after it. That’s why asking your medium about how to do it is one of the best ways to leave the session with a newfound understanding of yourself. Often, asking this question results in tangible steps you can take to improve your life and increase your vitality, which can mean all the difference, especially for those going through tough times.

Getting started with mediumship

For centuries, humans have taken advantage of the incredible gifts of mediums, harnessing the wisdom of the spirits surrounding us to help us live happier, freer lives. Although these six questions are great ways to open a general dialogue with the spirits around you, you might also have questions that are more specific to your life. That’s why sitting down with a medium yourself is one of the best things you can do to discover yourself and find your path. 

With years of experience in mediumship, and having helped countless people connect with those who have passed on in the efforts of deeper understanding and self-discovery, I’m an excellent choice for anyone in need of a medium. Maybe it’ll be your first session, or maybe you’re already experienced with mediumship—either way, I can help connect you to those you need to speak with, and help convey the messages you most need to hear. If you have more questions about mediumship, how to prepare for a session, or anything else regarding spiritual support, reach out to contact me!

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