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What You Can Expect When You Hire Me as a Keynote Speaker

Motivational and inspirational keynote speakers are one of the best ways to bring an event together into an amalgamation of all the ideas shared thus far. When it’s done right, a keynote speech ties everything up into a neat little thesis, allowing people to easily take what they’ve learned and apply it elsewhere in their lives. Keynote speakers often draw on their own life experience and the lessons they’ve learned for their speech, finding ways to relate to other people in an effort to teach, inform, and inspire.

When choosing a keynote speaker, it can be tough to decide on your best option. Even if you’ve determined that the content of someone’s speech is suitable for the event, you want to make sure that they’re the right fit for the audience. And if you don’t make these considerations carefully, you risk your speaker not having the impact on your event that you are looking for.

In my years as a keynote speaker, I’ve had the opportunity to refine my work into something that has the power to truly change lives. Are you considering hiring a keynote speaker for an upcoming conference or seminar? Let me tell you what you can expect when hiring me and positioning my speech, ‘The Joy of Obstacles and Why I Love to Dance,’ at the center of your next event.

1. Passion

Without true, genuine passion behind them, no keynote speaker would have the impact they’re looking for on their audience. People need to see that spark in a speaker before they can get inspired themselves, and that’s why I rank passion as one of the most important things I bring to the table as a keynote speaker. When choosing a keynote speaker, it’s vital that their passion runs deeper than what they say in their speech. Even if a speaker is highly passionate and lively while onstage, people will notice if that energy only goes skin-deep. 

Thankfully, authentic passion is at the core of my talks. My story is completely intertwined with the ups, downs, wins, and losses of my entire life journey. My genuine passion comes through with every speech I give.

2. Authenticity

Honesty is the best policy for keynote speakers, especially when that means sharing the difficulties, mistakes, and losses along the journey of their life. People are constantly facing hard times, and they’re likely to feel alienated if they get the impression that a speaker has never faced an obstacle in their life. 

In my work as a keynote speaker, I’ve never shied away from being authentic about my story. Since so much of my message revolves around obstacles, it only makes sense to be upfront about the challenges I’ve faced personally—and this attitude truly makes a difference in the impact of my talks.

3. Humor

Some speakers keep their speeches as serious and strictly-business as possible. Like obstacles, no life is devoid of humor. In fact, humor has been one of the key things that’s brought me through the challenges of my life, and I know I’m not the only one. When you choose a keynote speaker, you want someone who welcomes every side of life—and humor is one of the most important aspects to embrace. 

Sometimes, life challenges are so difficult and so (seemingly) overwhelming that all you can do is laugh. Humor is one of our oldest and most powerful releases, and is an essential part of what I teach in my keynote talks. In addition to relating to the content of my speech, humor has a logistical purpose as well. When we laugh, we pay attention, thus allowing ourselves to be drawn further into their world and their ideas.

4. Inspiration

One of the end goals of my speech is to inspire. This can be easier said than done, especially for speakers who are just starting out on developing their content. Thankfully, I’ve been able to rework and refine my talking points. In large part, this is thanks to my ability to be flexible and adaptable. Rather than stubbornly believing my speech is already perfect, I’m always open to improving my work in order to make as powerful an impact as possible. 

Though different people will often take away different things from a keynote speaker, some of the most common ways my speech has impacted people are:

  • Inspiring people to embrace their life and all it has to offer, both the good and the bad
  • Reworking their mental perspective on challenges and difficulties, and inspiring them to bravely embrace their obstacles
  • Helping people learn to cherish our world and the countless beautiful perspectives within it

I’m of the opinion that if people don’t leave a conference or seminar inspired, then the speaker hasn’t done their job. Hire me as your keynote speaker and see the difference that genuine inspiration makes for your event and your audience.

5. Joy

The final thing I bring to my work as a speaker is my unique sense of joy. Throughout my journey, many people have expressed surprise that I’m as joyful and in love with life as I am, especially considering the unique challenges I’ve had to overcome on my way. This is exactly why I am an excellent choice for any event in need of a keynote speaker: my joyful attitude is inspiring, and it’s contagious. People leave my speeches with a sense of empowerment, courage, and newfound love for their life—even when the going gets tough. 

When people realize joy is in their reach, it can be a profound experience that shakes up everything they thought they knew. That’s why I center my work as a speaker around the simple principle of joy, inspiring people to laugh, love, and dance their way through life.

Want to hire me for your next event?

As you can see, there are many things that only I can bring to your next event as a keynote speaker. Thanks to my unique life journey and the perspective it’s given me, I have the ability to connect with your audience in a way they’ve never experienced before—keeping them on the edge of their seat from the first word, and leaving them dancing by the last.

Although most of my time as a speaker has been at leadership conferences and life improvement seminars, I’m always open to applying my philosophy to other settings and contexts. If you think ‘The Joy of Obstacles and Why I Love to Dance’ is a good fit for your next event, or if you’d like to learn more about the content of my work as a speaker, reach out to me today.

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