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7 Questions to Ask During Your Tarot Reading

Since the 18th century, countless people from all walks of life have counted on tarot cards for counsel and introspection when they’re facing difficult times or in need of guidance. In tarot readings, as someone who is familiar with the process and the ritual, I draw a series of cards for another person, often as a response to certain questions or as a way to shed some light on a particular situation. The person having the reading may or may not be involved in how the cards are cut or shuffled. 

Tarot readings can provide valuable insight into the trials of your past, the challenges of your present, and the possibilities of your future. However, many people sit down for tarot readings ready to learn more about themselves and the world around them, yet they’re not sure what questions to ask. If you want to get the most out of your tarot reading, it’s helpful that you understand which questions to ask. 

With that in mind, here are seven of the best questions to ask during your next tarot reading with me.

1. What’s the best way to approach my situation?

Tarot cards can be vague and up to interpretation, so the more generally you can phrase your questions, the more likely you’ll get some insight from the reading. Asking the best way to deal with a certain problem or situation is a great way to open yourself up to deeper meaning from the cards.

2. What am I not able to see right now?

Tarot cards have a funny way of revealing things to us that were there all along. A reading might draw your attention to something in your life that seems obvious, and yet is somehow being overlooked. This is another example of an open-ended question that allows the cards to present useful information and insight. Perhaps there’s an opportunity in front of you that you haven’t noticed yet, or someone who can help you that you hadn’t considered as an ally. Whatever the case, this is one of the best questions to ask in a tarot reading.

3. What do I need to do to help _____ happen?

Some people turn to tarot readings because they assume they’ll get their fortune read. Unfortunately, that is not how tarot works. Rarely is tarot so clear-cut. So rather than asking questions such as “When will I get ____?” or “Will I be successful?”, it’s better to turn inwards and ask what you need to do to help something happen. Tarot readings are for us to reflect and understand ourselves above all else, so keep yourself and the things you can control at the front of your mind during a tarot reading.

4. Where is my time and effort best spent right now?

Our energy is something we all have to keep in mind from day-to-day, and for most of us, it’s a finite resource. A tarot reading can help you understand where your energy is best invested, allowing you to be as efficient as possible with your time and effort. Asking a question like this is also a great opportunity to identify and do away with the distractions in your life, so you can eliminate unnecessary time-sinks and focus on the stuff that’s really meaningful to you.

5. Why am I seeing this pattern again and again?

As humans, we have an instinctive need to seek out and interpret patterns. This skill, once a survival instinct, is now extremely useful when it comes to identifying patterns of behaviour in yourself and the world around you. Do you notice yourself stuck in a repetitive series of certain behaviours and reactions? Does it seem like the same things keep happening to you over and over, with no clear way to end the cycle? A tarot reading can help you understand these patterns, and will give you ideas on how you can approach and change them to your needs.

6. What does this reading have to do with ______?

Sometimes a tarot card reading can leave you scratching your head. Since a tarot deck is built of interpretative symbols, it’s not always immediately clear how a reading links back to what’s going on with your life. By asking me as your tarot reader to clarify the connection between your reading and your life, you can learn more about the multi-faceted meanings behind the cards and gain a deeper understanding of yourself at the same time.

7. Am I holding myself back, and if so, how?

This is one of the most important questions to ask during a tarot reading, and also one of the most difficult. We have a tendency to think of ourselves as the main character: a static figure that things happen to. However, tarot allows us to see ourselves as we truly are: dynamic creatures, constantly evolving and adapting to the world around us. When you ask this question during a tarot reading, you open yourself up to some of the most honest and constructive feedback out there. It can be scary, yet only by allowing yourself to be vulnerable will you be able to better understand how to shift your own thoughts and behaviors, and therefore your life. 

Finding guidance through tarot readings

Overall, it’s worth knowing that tarot cards aren’t mystical seers capable of giving us the easy answers to life’s troubles. They’re conversation starters—malleable and interpretive icons that give us insight into our subconscious in order to help our lives flow better If you keep this in mind and stick to reflective, open-ended questions, you’re bound to see the benefits of getting a reading.

When it comes to tarot readings, having an experienced interpreter is as valuable as having the cards themselves. I have years of experience in providing tarot readings for my clients, and I’ve seen firsthand the ways that this practice can affect people’s perspective of themselves and the world. Remember that tarot card readings aren’t about telling the future—they’re about understanding the present and the past so that we can manifest and create the future we desire.

If you have more questions about interpreting tarot readings, making the most out of your sessions, or if you’d like to book your reading today, contact me!

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