I am honored and grateful for everyone who leaves a review about my services. 

Whether it’s about my best-selling book The Joy of Obstacles, regarding my inspirational talks, about an ancestral clearing session, or regarding my life coaching skillset, I am grateful to be of service to anyone seeking help on their life journey.

Take this opportunity to read further and discover these client testimonials and life coach recommendations. Learn exactly how I can continue to inspire and empower everyone to move the world together.

Book Reviews

"A Refreshing and Empowering Perspective"

The Joy of Obstacles offers a refreshing and empowering perspective on challenges. Kathryn Johnson is a role model for embracing happiness as a choice that doesn’t depend on external circumstances, and through doing that, she has created a miraculous life. In this wonderful book, she guides us to look at our experiences more deeply, where we can find lasting peace and joy.”

—Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul.

"Raw Honesty and Authentic Courage"

The Joy of Obstacles is the remarkable journey of a woman facing her challenges, growing through her limitations, and finding inspiration, joy and empowerment in the midst of it. I know Kathryn personally as one of the most determined women that I have met. She inspires us with her raw honesty and authentic courage to be fully, radically and joyfully herself and to keep finding the silver lining.”

—Ashanna Solaris, Co-founder of Clarity Breathwork.

"A Truly Inspirational Read"

The Joy of Obstacles is a truly inspirational read. By sharing her personal experiences, Kathryn Johnson helps the reader shift perspective and embrace obstacles as the perfect opportunities for growth and learning that can lead to greater peace, happiness, and joy. She teaches the reader to celebrate the silver linings that are always present in each challenge. I highly recommend this book.”

—Valentina Galante, Founder of Kick Ass Joy Life Coaching.

"She will be your hero too"

“Kathryn Johnson is both the messenger and the message. Although she was born with cerebral palsy that has affected every aspect of her life, she never feels sorry for herself. In fact, she is one of the happiest people I know. She doesn’t just give lip-service to being happy, she truly loves her life and looks at her circumstance as a gift. In The Joy of Obstacles, she not only shares her amazing story, but teaches us how we can love our lives as well. Kathryn Johnson is one of my heroes. Once you read this book, she will be your hero too.”

—Debra Poneman, Best-selling author and Founder of Yes to Success, Inc.

"Deeply moving and transformational"

“Kathryn Johnson is a superhero for our age. She has achieved so much, even though she has had extraordinary physical obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. Her personal story shows how she has learned to look at challenges as a gift in our life. As a chance to learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves. I highly recommend The Joy of Obstacles as a powerful tool to learn to shift our perspective on our own personal daily difficulties and turn them around to become our greatest teachers in our life. It is a deeply moving and transformational journey.”

—Traysiah Spring, Author of Clean Green Healing and Facilitator of’ Simple Silence’ Meditation and Retreats.

“Kathryn Johnson is a superhero for our age."

Rave Reviews for My Keynote

“People were so mesmerized by Kathryn’s presentation that you could hear a pin drop. If you want a speaker who is a sure thing, Kathryn is the one.”

—Debra Poneman, Founder and CEO, Yes to Success Inc.

“Kathryn speaks with passion from the heart. Her authentic experience and perspective will help you to experience lasting joy!”

—Susan Sisk, CPA

“Kathryn is the real deal. Her powerful and authentic voice stays with you long after she’s done and her story will inspire you to dig deep, be brave, and live fully. Kathryn is a champion.”

—Susan Arnout Smith, Grand Prize winner, International Faith in Film Screenwriting Award; Former Essayist, NPR, Weekend-Edition Sunday

Ancestral Clearing Reviews

“Thanks Kathryn, for the long clearing session. Wow. What a magical experience! I entered into it without expectation. I had not even imagined the possibility of what happened. With Kathryn’s guidance and my mindful connection with my body I felt stagnant energy and stress moving. Then I felt it getting flushed out. I ultimately released some of my energetic blocks. Following the session, I had signs that it was not all in my head. Thanks again for the experience. It was akin to combining a holistic, therapeutic massage with a deep healing meditation. I highly recommend this for anyone.

—Wael, North Carolina, USA

“I experienced an amazing clearing session with Kathryn. I had pain in my upper molar tooth and after working with Kathryn the pain was gone.  We also worked on some shoulder pain relating to some emotional trauma with my father. She was able to clear the pain in my shoulder and it has not returned.  We worked on chest tightness and a feeling of loss of physical power in my body. Those issues were cleared and I felt much better after the session. I can breathe easier and feel an overall calmness. I feel regenerated in a way that I have not felt in a long time. I highly recommend Kathryn. She does incredible clearing sessions. Thank you, Kathryn for sharing your wonderful work with me.”

—Virginia, Oregon, USA

“After working with Kathryn during an Ancestral Clearing session I feel very relaxed, calm, and more peaceful. During our session I could feel the release of ailments and felt restored with positive energy.”

—Alisa, Pennsylvania, USA

“I have loved the sessions I’ve done with Kathryn. Her energy healing process is fabulous, amazingly effective, and gentile. I didn’t even have to know what was causing my problems in order to get relief from my pain and stress. All of the sessions I’ve had with Kathryn have been on Zoom, yet her professionalism, love, and support all came through. I feel very held and healed. Thank you, Kathryn, for bringing the gift of your clearings to the world.”

—Tera, California, USA

“From the bottom of my heart I suggest working with Kathryn. She is an amazing expert.”

“I had the extreme pleasure of getting a very unique clearing from Kathryn. She helped me remove blocks that I didn’t realize were in the way of my next level of success. I have always been successful and a trooper, yet I had limiting beliefs. Kathryn was able to find these and help me release them. She was able to do more in thirty minutes than any of my hour – long therapy sessions.  This was a very enlightening and unique experience. I have every intention of becoming a long-term client of Kathryn. If you are looking for someone to help you find and clear blockages, or you need a down to earth personal coach, Kathryn is your choice.”

—Dawn, Oregon, USA

“From the bottom of my heart I suggest working with Kathryn. She is an amazing expert. I am a coach and I also work with energetic practices. I’ve worked a lot to transform my own blocks. There were some things I found difficult to resolve. I decided to work with Kathryn for some energetic clearing. It was mind-blowing. In a very short time. I felt tremendous relief. I felt much lighter and freer. It was a big shift. Things are now much easier.” 

—Andrea, Germany

“Thank You Kathryn for your help and support. In one online workshop during the pandemic, she offered her support with clearings and coaching. I was touched.  A few weeks later I was facing what I felt was a really big challenge and asked her for help.  She jumped in right away. In our session she built a safe container, calmed me down, and helped me release my anxiety.  At the end of the session, I was calm and smiling. Thank you again Kathryn for your help and support.  I highly recommend her services to everyone.”

—Emily, California, USA

“Kathryn is a kind, smart, caring, and principled person with a tremendous amount to offer. My healing experience with her was undeniably helpful and I highly recommend her.”

—Adam, Vancouver, Canada

“Kathryn provided a clearing for me that was immensely helpful and insightful! Definitely helped me see things from a different perspective! Would highly recommend her!”

—Susan, North Dakota, USA

Life Coaching Reviews

“I highly recommend Kathryn. She shared such immense value that I had to take notes.  In less than a week of reviewing my notes and applying the strategies from Kathryn’s session I have moved closer to my goals and my ideal vision for my life. Thank you, Kathryn, I have no doubt you will achieve massive success by helping countless others achieve their dreams.”

—Sparky, Jamaica

“Thank you, Kathryn for sharing your wonderful work with me.”

“Today was my first time working with Kathryn. Our session was pleasant, uplifting and informative. Her thoughtful insight, and the tools she offered helped me move forward. I gained clarity on my values and a better understanding of my priorities. She was very helpful. I look forward to our next session.”

—Lisa, New York, USA

“I feel like I am now living, and happy to live.”

“I am so grateful to Kathryn for her services as a coach and what I would say, an energy worker. When I first came to Kathryn, I was feeling really scattered with all the recent major life changes I had made. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right life choices, and I was beating myself up a lot for not having it “all together” yet.  

Working with Kathryn really helped me get me out of my story, clarify my goals, and back in alignment with the universe and what I really want. I stopped beating myself up. I found with Kathryn’s guidance I could now be more in the present. I had it more together than I gave myself credit for. Her seemingly simple techniques resulted in huge mental and energetic shifts for me. It’s like she helped me press the reset button. 

She offered an Ancestral Clearing session as part of the coaching package. It seemed to come right at the right time. Grief hit me hard when it came to an anniversary date of a huge loss I had in my life. I was emotionally exhausted; Kathryn knew it would be the right time for this part of the program. The Ancestral clearing, along with my emotional release a day prior, was so incredibly cleansing. It was like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me. To be honest, I could say I felt reborn. I still feel that way. 

I feel like I am now living, and happy to live. Whereas prior to her sessions, it felt like I was walking through the mud, and every day was a struggle to get out of bed. 

I now get up earlier, I look forward to getting out of bed to journal, and do a bit of self care before work. This is something I have been trying to get myself on board with for YEARS. Starting my day on a better path has led to better days physically, energetically, and emotionally.  Prior to Kathryn’s coaching I always wanted to be a morning person, but conquering my habits was another story. I would sleep past my alarm everyday, snooze, be resentful of having to get out of bed and go to my day job, then when there was hardly enough time left, I would walk my dog, shower, and get ready for work in record speeds, but of course not eating breakfast, and be running on adrenaline every morning. More often than not I would also be 5 to 15 minutes late for work. Stressful! It has now been about 6-8 weeks of better mornings, and I look forward to getting out of bed! Slowly getting up earlier and earlier so I can fit more into my mornings before work. Waking up before the alarm!

Gaining control over my mornings, and getting clear that I want to wake up with energy and vitality to face the day, has brought a sense of overall well-being to every other area of my life. Of course I have many goals, health, finances, relationships. Working with Kathryn has helped me obtain clarity on my visions for my life, conquer my mornings, and has brought back my motivation and enthusiasm for my life.

Thank you so much Kathryn. I am so eternally grateful for having had this opportunity to work with such a skilled coach, the results so far are beyond my expectation.”

 —Sade Makerra

Mediumship Reviews

“I had a mediumship session with Kathryn and I can most definitely say that her skills are very powerful. Her reading was very detailed and accurate. Not only was she able to tell me exactly who had a message for me, she was also able to clearly articulate in detail what that person needed me to know at the time. I have already recommended her to many friends and family. Her kind soul and professionalism are outstanding!”

—Cat, Vancouver, Canada

“After working with Kathryn, I felt comfortable enough to explore mediumship with her. I had been curious about it but never brave enough to try. Kathryn very quickly connected to the spirit world and made me feel relaxed by how she explained things to me. We connected with two spirits and I feel positively changed. This is a very difficult thing to “review” but I would recommend this service from Kathryn.  This was scary to me and Kathryn made me feel very comfortable.”

—Elan, Vancouver, Canada

“My first introduction to Kathryn was as an inspirational writer and speaker. Then after knowing Kathryn for a short time, she shared she is also a medium. I was always fascinated by mediumship and had never had a reading. Kathryn’s warmth and compassion definitely contributed to my feeling safe and comfortable to receive my first reading. I went in with an open mind and was surprised when my father’s uncle came forward with an important message. While it did not make sense at the time, within a few short weeks his message helped me deal with a very difficult situation with complete ease and grace. I was so happy with the first reading; I went back for a second one which was as insightful and also rang true for me. I highly recommend Kathryn’s mediumship skills.”

—Anela, Hawaii, USA

Tarot Reading Reviews

“Kathryn did a reading for me and it was SO bang on! Not only did it give me the guidance and answers I was looking for, she went into detail on some key aspects of the reading which ended up being very, very helpful and left me feeling confident and assured! Kathryn has a natural presence which is inviting, and lovely to work with.”

—Sarah, Vancouver, Canada

“Twice now, I’ve had tarot readings from Kathryn. She gave me a really good understanding of what the cards were saying. I felt I got more from this reading than I had from previous ones! Questions about my business came to us. Kathryn kindly finished the session with some business coaching – it really clarified a problem I was dealing with. I would highly recommend being coached by Kathryn! She is warm, kind and wise. I look forward to being coached by her again!”

—Elan, Vancouver, Canada

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