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Spiritual Life Coach

Meet Kathryn Johnson

From almost day one of my life I was told over and over these two simple and familiar yet unpleasant words: “You can’t…” No matter the reason behind these two words, I always responded in turn with, “Actually, yes I can!” Not only have I proven time and again that I can do what many consider unrealistic or impossible, I also continue to rise to each challenge in my life exceptionally well.

If this sounds like the attitude and outlook you are looking for from a spiritual life coach, then you are going to love getting to know me, Kathryn Johnson.

About My Journey

I began my journey of discovery in the field of personal growth 10 years ago. My studies have included success principles, the law of attraction, and meditation to name a few. Some of the top transformational leaders in the world have been my mentor during those years, including Mary Morrssey, Debra Poneman, and Marci Shimoff.

My journey into the realm of personal growth and spiritual development began shortly after moving from Winnipeg to Vancouver. The move was prompted by an inner calling that I wanted more from life, and my love for the West Coast that started in my teens.

Today, I am passionate about living to my full potential. While I maintain my status as a professional accountant I am fully engaged in my career as an intuitive spiritual life coach. I live each day consciously creating what I know I would love.

Now, I want to share this and my passion for life to help and inspire others to become the very best version of themselves.

What Does a Spiritual Life Coach Do?

As a spiritual life coach, I can help you find the solutions to a wide variety of issues. I use several tools and techniques to accomplish this for each client. I recognize that we are all unique and as such I’m able to tailor my approach to honour what is most meaningful for my clients. With each coaching session you attend, I will bring to the table a diverse understanding and knowledge of psychology and business principles, as well as extensive immersion in success principles and a deep knowing of who we are as spiritual beings. This allows me to facilitate transformation on both a very practical and a deeply spiritual level as best suited to clients.

I am a real-time example of someone who has achieved outstanding success by applying the tools and techniques that I share with my clients. I love contributing to others in a way that allows them to have more joy, purpose, passion, and success in their life. To witness them letting go of their old patterns and know that because of working together my clients will connect with others in deeper, more meaningful ways…to serve others to be a part of this ripple effect is the reward I aim for with every client I serve.


Am I Your Best Choice?

If you are still hesitant about contacting me, here are some more reasons to consider reaching out:

As long as you genuinely want help, I will support you along the path you are being called on, no matter what stage you are at in your life.