Meet Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn began her journey of discovery in the field of personal growth 10 years ago. Her studies have included success principles, the law of attraction, breathwork, and meditation to name a few.

Her journey into the realm of personal growth began shortly after moving from Winnipeg to Vancouver. The move was prompted by an inner calling that she wanted more from life, and her love for the West Coast that started in her teens.

From a very young age Kathryn chose to live with passion and purpose and has risen to life's challenges in many ways.

Kathryn was born with Cerebral Palsy and walks with two canes. She believes living with a disability has given her a unique perspective of the world. She sees this circumstance as a gift and a vehicle for profound understanding of what each experience has to offer.

Now a #1 best-selling author, life coach and inspirational speaker, Kathryn shares the keys to discovering joy no matter what life has thrown your way.

My Life Purpose: To use my passion, joy and inspiration to guide you to live an inspired life. Together we can build more conscious communities based on genuine connection, love and understanding where everyone lives with passion and purpose.

My Philosophy: I believe every event we encounter is purposeful and for our learning and growth. Everyone of us is connected on some level through our experience. We are brought together to help one another be the best version of ourselves possible. Each of us has a responsibility to show up fully in life and to help each other do the same.

My Mission: To teach others to see The Joy of Obstacles as a catalyst for connection and an empowering force for Moving the World Together.

Kathryn's Accomplishments

  • A double bronze medalist at the World Athletics Championships for the Physically Disabled
  • A solid business education including a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) designation
  • PSI Seminars Graduate
  • Certified Ancestral (Energetic) Clearing Practitioner
Kathryn Johnson World Athletics Championships for the Physically Disabled
Kathryn Johnson Bronze Medal square

Kathryn is passionate about living her full potential and has a successful career as a professional accountant. She now wants to share this and her passion for life to help and inspire others to be the best version of themselves.