Frequently asked Questions

As a transformational coach with a lot to offer and teach, I understand that you likely have your own array of questions you want to ask me. Curiosity and a willingness to learn are great starting points on your life journey with me! Whether they’re transformational coaching questions or you simply want to learn more about me personally, my goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and approach me when you’re ready.

I honor our connection and encourage you to come with an open mind and open heart.

Below are the most frequently asked questions I’ve received regarding my services.

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Transformational Coaching

When should I hire a spiritual life coach?

A life coach can help you with many aspects of your life; health, wealth, career, and relationships are a few examples. Life coaches focus on helping you develop habits and practices that help you navigate life more effectively from where you are now. They also help you develop long term plans for building a future that is in alignment with your values and priorities. A spiritual life coach brings the perspective of who we are as spiritual beings into their teachings. They have a good understanding of spiritual principles and can help you with any questions you may have concerning your spirituality. They may also integrate various spiritual tools into their guidance like card readings, mediumship, or other energetic work like ancestral clearings.

What should I expect from my sessions?

What you will get from your session from me depends on your reason for seeing a coach. I can help you assess where you are in life, define your priorities, and help you create more of what you want.  I will begin by asking you questions and listening carefully to the answers. Your answers will define how our session unfolds. For effective and lasting change to occur, it is important to integrate what you are learning from our sessions by doing some form of reflective exercise or repetitive practice. To support you in getting the most out of your session I will give you homework to do and discuss by your next session. Your experiences with the homework and other things that may have come up in between our sessions will then guide the next session.

How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions you may need or want will depend on your reason for working with me and the degree of change you want to experience in your life. In the case of someone seeking very specific guidance about a certain issue, perhaps only one session is needed. If you are looking to create significant change across several areas of your life, then it is likely working together several months or a year would serve you best. By working together over longer periods of time I can get to know you better and help you on a deeper level. Also, the longer we work together, the more time you have to integrate new practices while having direct and on-going support to make changes in your life.

Where are my sessions taking place?

All sessions are held remotely. The preferred method for session is on Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, other video conferencing methods are available. Sessions by telephone is also an option.

How should I prepare for my life coaching session?

Sit in a quiet place where you can relax and won’t be interrupted. Please silence your cell phone. Bring a notebook and pen to write down any key points so you can refer back to them in between sessions. To help you be as comfortable as possible, it’s a good idea to have water and tissues with you.

For an initial session it’s helpful to have given some thought to what you would like to accomplish during our time together. What are some goals you have in life? To get the most out of our ongoing sessions give due attention to any homework assignments. Remember to email them to me in advance if asked. Approach our sessions with an open mind and an open heart and feel free to ask any questions as we go through our sessions. 

What do you specifically focus on as a spiritual life coach?

I am passionate about living in alignment with my heart, nurturing heart-centered connections, and helping others be a fuller, freer expression of themselves. There are many ways I can help my clients with this. My teachings include how to create more joy, abundance, health, and freedom in life. The spiritual aspect of my coaching includes the principle that as spiritual beings we are given difficult circumstances or obstacles to help us learn and grow, we have access to infinite possibility and potential, and ultimately we are meant to live a life filled with joy and freedom.

Are there areas you don't cover as a life coach?

A life coach/client relationship is considered a peer relationship. As such life coaches are not therapists or counsellors. They are also not consultants. Life coaches offer guidance and suggestions to help their clients improve their life. These are simply suggestions. If what I am offering doesn’t feel right to you, ask for another option. It is expected you will do what feels right for you, actively participate in the process, and take responsibility for your results.

Ancestral Clearing

How does ancestral clearing work?

Ancestral clearing works on the principle of forgiveness. Unresolved emotions from situations throughout our life or in our ancestry can stay with us. This creates a frequency, which can result in emotional or physical issues or create the repetition of unwanted patterns. For example, a person may be experiencing recurring headaches, unwanted weight, or repeated difficulty in relationships, or struggle in attracting other forms of abundance. These issues or unwanted experiences are signals to us that something is seeking to be resolved. A forgiveness practice is used throughout our session as an offering to resolve the issues.  As an ancestral clearing practitioner, I hold space for forgiveness to occur.

What can ancestral clearing help with?

My clients have reported improvement in a variety of areas including: physical well being, emotional balance, financial improvement, relationship conflict resolving and moving in new ways, improvement in work situations, weight loss, and more.

What is a session like?

As we begin a session, I will ask you what brought you to our session today. It is not necessary to share personal details of any kind. All that is required is to be present and notice what you are feeling. From there I will begin the forgiveness practice. After about two minutes I will again ask you what you are feeling. I will adjust our session according to what you tell me. We will work together to create space to allow the issues to resolve.

What does a session feel like?

Each ancestral clearing session is unique. You may feel many sensations or just a few. There are a variety of sensations that you may feel during a session including pressure, heat, cold or tingles. Whatever you feel or experience is okay. Any one sensation is not better than the other. Simply be present and notice what is there for you to feel. Relax and know that you are receiving help.

How many sessions do I need before I see results?

Again, each session is unique. Results vary depending on the individual. Many report noticing changes after only 1 session. Sometimes more than 1 session is desired.

How do sessions take place?

All sessions are held remotely. The preferred method for sessions is on Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, other video conferencing methods are available. Sessions by telephone is also an option.

What information do you need from me so I can get help?

All that is needed for an ancestral clearing session is for you to want help. You do not need to share any personal information regarding individual or family history. Our sessions are guided by the sensations you feel in your body and where you feel them. The feedback you give me guides our session.

How do I prepare for a session?

Sit in a quiet place where you can relax and won’t be interrupted. Please silence your cell phone. To help you be as comfortable as possible, it’s a good idea to have water and tissues with you.

Card Reading

What are some good questions to ask at a card reading?

Card reading is a tool for spiritual guidance concerning a variety of situations like career, health, and relationships. They provide an overview of factors involved and things you may want to consider or be careful of as you move forward on your journey. It’s good to keep your questions general, like is a situation in my best interest or not.

Are there questions I shouldn't ask?

Intuitive card reading is a tool for general guidance they are not the right tool to use for asking specific questions like how much money your new job will pay or the name of your next great love. It is also important to remember that situations can change. What is shown in the energy of a reading does not mean that is what is predestined. Readings should be interpreted with caution. Also realize that everything is filtered through the reader’s own bias.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your choices and their outcomes. 

What should I expect at a card reading?

A reading starts by asking a question with the intention of getting guidance about the answer. The reader then begins by drawing a series of cards and placing them in a particular formation or spread. The cards are then read based on the meaning of each card and its relationship to other cards in the spread. The client may choose to be more involved in the reading by indicating when to stop shuffling the cards or which cards to draw.

When should I consider getting a card reading?

You may consider getting a card reading when you are looking for a fresh perspective. Sometimes we are so close to a situation we don’t see all of the angles involved. Also, as the cards are spiritual tools they can offer insights into what may be going on “behind the scenes” energetically. For example, a reading may provide cues as to the direction a situation is headed even though you are not aware of any tangible signs of this.


How should I prepare for a mediumship session?

Sit in a quiet place where you can relax and won’t be interrupted. Please silence your cell phone. To help you be as comfortable as possible, it’s a good idea to have water and tissues with you. When preparing for a mediumship session set an intention for who you would like to communicate with and what concerns you would like to resolve or what questions you would like to address. There are many factors that affect a mediumship communication so there is no guarantee what will unfold. Appreciate the information that does come through understanding that the messages given are the most important and available at this time.

When should I consider your service as a medium?

If you are looking for resolution, a greater sense of peace, or an emotional connection with loved ones who have passed on, a reading with me may be what is right for you. 

What should I expect from my session?

Every mediumship session, or a reading, is unique. What you may receive from your time spent with me depends on many factors, including your intention and openness to seeking a reading and the ability and desire of those on the other side to communicate. 

 A mediumship reading is somewhat like a phone conversation. The medium blends with the spirit communicator and relays the message to those seeking a reading through a variety of perceptions.  Depending on the situation I may become aware of information through vision, sound, feelings, taste or even smell. I have also had experiences where I have communicated with pets. My sessions are held with the intention of being a bridge to communication and understanding for my clients and their loved ones.

Is mediumship scary?

Mediumship communication is delivered through vibration. The vibration of love helps a communication flow more freely and easily. Mediumship communication often brings through strong emotions like the joy someone experienced in their life, or great pride they felt for the people around them. Communications can also bring sadness from missing a loved one, or regret for things left unsaid. Ultimately the purpose of mediumship communication is to gain resolution, peace and deeper understanding. With this as the intention, there is nothing to be scared of.

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