Kathryn Johnson, International Inspirational Speaker

Kathryn Johnson Inspirational Speaker

Kathryn Johnson is a keynote speaker and an inspirational leader based in Vancouver, Canada. She is an expert in discovering the joy and finding the gift in any experience, and showing others how they can do the same. Passionate about living life to the fullest, Kathryn helps her audience members recognize the important role they are meant to play in our world.
Having been born with Cerebral Palsy doesn’t stop her. In fact, it motivates her to step-up and make a difference. Kathryn has led a life filled with success and triumph and inspires others as she leads by example.
In her 20’s she became a World Athletics Champion for Team Canada with 2 bronze medals.  She has earned a professional accounting designation, an Honors Business Administration Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.
She is the #1 best-selling author of The Joy of Obstacles and most recently was a keynote speaker at The New Success Revolution Leadership Conference. This international audience was transformed by her passion and authenticity.

Kathryn’s Keynote 

Kathryn’s message is for everyone, as we all have challenges. With her trademark humor, Kathryn shares the keys to discovering joy no matter what life has thrown your way. In her keynote, The Joy of Obstacles and Why I Love to Dance, Kathryn moves audience members to take their own lives to the next level—and beyond. She reveals why obstacles are our greatest gifts and the key to how we can all move the world together.