What is
Ancestral Clearing?

Did you know that struggles, burdens, and experiences are stored in our DNA? For thousands of years, we have carried imprints from our ancestors. Both spiritual leaders and scientists confirm this by the acknowledgement of what are called epigenomes. Epigenomes are sequences of amino acids where the trauma, limitations, and adversity from ancestral lineage are stored, and these attach to our DNA.

By clearing these layers of generational burdens, I find that your emotional and physical pains of the past and present will no longer be a roadblock in your life’s struggles. Once the negative ancestral imprints are released, harmony is restored into our bodies, emotions, and relationships. Then you will move forward and live your life the way you wish to live it.

5 Mistakes

People Make When Faced with Obstacles

As a certified ancestral clearing practitioner, I hold the space to allow ancestral burdens to be released from your body so you can awaken to your true nature and consciousness.

You can ask me all the questions you may have about this clearing during and prior to booking an appointment. Results vary with the individual. However, it is very common for people to experience benefits after only a single session.

Ancestral Clearing is not a medical practice and is not to be used as a substitute for any medical care or treatment.


Ancestral clearing is a type of energy work that can release and clear the emotional charge connected to our physical realm, for example arthritis.

Pain caused by something physical is not the only blockage applicable. Ancestral clearing meditation can heal emotional traumas as well, such as invalidation of your feelings, depression, anxiety, the feeling as if you don’t belong, shame, anger—all of this can be released.

These examples are what we often refer to as an ancestral burden – also known as karma – that can block your living a truly fulfilling life.


Vibrant health – a release of chronic physical pain.
Peace of mind – release the blocks creating your stress and emotional hurts.
Improved relationships
Finding your life purpose
More life ease and synchronicity
More freedom and fulfillment
Health, abundance, freedom, and love

Ready to open the door to health, abundance, freedom, and love.

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