Energetic Ancestral Clearing

Are you sick of doing everything you can think of and nothing seems to work? Ancestral Clearing can be the answer you've been looking for. Ancestral Clearing (also called Energetic Clearing) can help you if you are:

  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Suffering from chronic pain
  • Stressed out
  • Feeling burdened by old hurts
  • Tired of repeating your history

Ancestral Clearing effortlessly transforms your blocks and empowers you to live the life you want to live.

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What is Ancestral Clearing?

Limiting experiences from our life events as well as our family lineage are stored in our DNA. Releasing these are the key to restoring harmony in our bodies, in our emotions, and in our relationships. We are then able to move forward and live the life we want to live.

There is no physical contact with this practice, no need to share personal information, and no belief is necessary. The only thing you need is to want help.

As a Certified Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, Kathryn acts as a facilitator to create the space for what your body knows how to do naturally. This practice is a compliment to other medical modalities and is not seen as a substitute.

Reported Benefits

  • Vibrant Health – release of chronic pain
  • Peace of Mind – release of stress & emotional hurts
  • Financial ease
  • Improved Relationships
  • Finding your life purpose
  • A life of ease and synchronicity
  • Spiritual fulfillment

Ancestral Clearing Rates:
30-minute session - US$60.00
1-hour session - US$120.00
(PayPal or E-Transfer)

Please contact Kathryn to book an appointment.

30-min Session Non-Canadian Residents: USD$60.00

60-min Session Non-Canadian Residents: USD$120.00

30-min Session Canadian Residents: CAD$80.00 + GST

60-min Session Canadian Residents: CAD$160.00 + GST

What Clients are Saying About Kathryn’s Ancestral Clearing Sessions

"Thanks Kathryn, for the hour-long clearing session. Wow. What a magical experience! I entered into it without expectation. I had not even imagined the possibility of what happened. With Kathryn’s guidance and my mindful connection with my body I felt stagnant energy and stress moving. Then I felt it getting flushed out. I ultimately released some of my energetic blocks. Following the session, I had signs that it was not all in my head. Thanks again for the experience. It was akin to combining a holistic, therapeutic massage with a deep healing meditation. I highly recommend this for anyone.

"—Wael, North Carolina, USA

"I had the extreme pleasure of getting a very unique clearing from Kathryn. She helped me remove blocks that I didn't realize were in the way of my next level of success. I have always been successful and a trooper, yet I had limiting beliefs. Kathryn was able to find these and help me release them. She was able to do more in thirty minutes than any of my hour - long therapy sessions.  This was a very enlightening and unique experience. I have every intention of becoming a long-term client of Kathryn. If you are looking for someone to help you find and clear blockages, or you need a down to earth personal coach, Kathryn is your choice."

—Dawn, Oregon, USA

"I experienced an amazing clearing session with Kathryn. I had pain in my upper molar tooth and after working with Kathryn the pain was gone.  We also worked on some shoulder pain relating to some emotional trauma with my father. She was able to clear the pain in my shoulder and it has not returned.  We worked on chest tightness and a feeling of loss of physical power in my body. Those issues were cleared and I felt much better after the session. I can breathe easier and feel an overall calmness. I feel regenerated in a way that I have not felt in a long time. I highly recommend Kathryn. She does incredible clearing sessions. Thank you, Kathryn for sharing your wonderful work with me."

—Virginia, Oregon, USA

"From the bottom of my heart I suggest working with Kathryn. She is an amazing expert. I am a coach and I also work with energetic practices. I’ve worked a lot to transform my own blocks. There were some things I found difficult to resolve. I decided to work with Kathryn for some energetic clearing. It was mind blowing. In a very short time. I felt tremendous relief. I felt much lighter and freer. It was a big shift. Things are now much easier." 

—Andrea, Germany

"After working with Kathryn during an Ancestral Clearing session I feel very relaxed, calm, and more peaceful. During our session I could feel the release of ailments and felt restored with positive energy."

—Alisa, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank You Kathryn for your help and support. In one online workshop during the pandemic she offered her support with clearings and coaching. I was touched.  A few weeks later I was facing what I felt was a really big challenge and asked her for help.  She jumped in right away. In our session she built a safe container, calmed me down, and helped me release my anxiety.  At the end of the session I was calm and smiling. Thank you again Kathryn for your help and support.  I highly recommend her services to everyone."

—Emily, California, USA

I have loved the sessions I’ve done with Kathryn. Her energy healing process is fabulous, amazingly effective, and gentile. I didn’t even have to know what was causing my problems in order to get relief from my pain and stress. All of the sessions I’ve had with Kathryn have been on Zoom, yet her professionalism, love, and support all came through. I feel very held and healed. Thank you Kathryn for bringing the gift of your clearings to the world.

—Tera, California, USA