How Life Coaching Can Improve Your Relationships

As you may already know, some of the world’s most successful people rely on trusted life coaches for navigating life’s trickiest obstacles. They refer to their life coach as someone to help guide them—someone to celebrate their victories with and support through their losses. 

The result? Well, you don’t need to look further than the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Bill Gates to see the kinds of success that life coaching can bring to you.

And that’s not all! Life coaching for relationships can also be hugely beneficial to you. Whether it’s your family, friends, or partner, a life coach can help you get clarity on your relationships and bring you closer to the people you care about.

So how exactly can a life coach improve your relationships? Here are four ways.

1. Improving communication

If there’s one thing most of us know about relationships, it’s that communication is key. If we’re not able to clearly and honestly talk about how we’re feeling and what we need, we can never hope to have those needs met by the people around us. 

When it comes to life coaching, being 100% clear in your communication plays a vital role in the process. For instance, I put a huge emphasis on manifestation in sessions with my clients. Being able to put your ambitions into words makes them real, and only when it’s real can you get to work on achieving them. 

This same principle is immensely useful when it comes to your relationships. Too often, essential messages go unsaid in relationships, either because they’re about feelings that are difficult to express, or because they worry they’ll fail to get their point across in an effective way. 

That’s why so many of my life coaching clients report an improvement in their relationships across the board. When you approach communication in a more constructive way as a whole, you’ll find it easier to talk openly with the people you care about.

2. Understanding the roles people play in your life (and vice versa)

In the words of the author Deepak Chopra: 

“There are no extra puzzle pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because they have a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.”

Each of us has a number of roles to play in the world, depending on how, when, where, and why we show up in another person’s life. 

We’re the protagonists of our own personal journey through life. And we also play supporting roles in the stories of others—sometimes for a chapter, and sometimes from cover to cover. 

Understanding how other people fit into the story of your life, and in turn, understanding your role in the stories of others, is an essential part of building meaningful relationships with true longevity. 

With my spiritual life coaching service, where emphasis is placed on goals and the obstacles we can embrace on our way to them, clients take time to explore what each person in their life is adding to their story. 

Doing this builds an appreciation for each relationship you have, strengthening bonds with those you know and love, while also opening you up to authentic, constructive relationships down the line.

3. Identifying your truth and ensuring your relationships reflect it

Our values are one of the things that make us unique. The way we view the world makes up such a huge part of the fabric of our beings, and that’s why ensuring those around you share this vision is so important when it comes to building genuine relationships.

In my life coaching service, every goal you set is built on the foundation of your values and the way you view yourself as a key player the universe. 

In other words, this is your truth—the intangible part of yourself that is completely unique to you. 

Although you may never find someone who aligns with this truth 100%, finding people you share more in common with than not is a great first step to building up a network of supportive relationships. 

Of course, the only way to ensure the people you keep in your company are aligned with your values is to first be absolutely clear within yourself about the values you hold.

That’s why life coaching can be so valuable. These internal truths have a funny way of revealing themselves as we work through ambitions and embrace obstacles together.

4. Unlocking your love for yourself

‘You can’t love others until you love yourself.’ 

It’s an often thrown-around saying. And for good reason! 

Because it’s completely true. 

Building a relationship takes vulnerability, good judgment, and a touch of faith. 

You need to be able to entrust a piece of yourself with those you care for—otherwise, how can people be expected to do the same for you?

Oftentimes, people come to a life coach with a deep-seated inability to love themselves. 

Whether they know it or not, many people can’t seem to forgive themselves for past mistakes. They may dislike a part of themself and yet have resigned to staying the same. Or perhaps they see themselves as unworthy, somehow less-than, and undeserving of life’s truest relationships.

Whatever the case, I always make self-forgiveness, and ultimately self-love, a priority for my new life coaching clients. 

It’s only when we love and believe in ourselves that we can put our best foot forward, allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable for those who care for us most.

Ready to improve your relationships?

If you’re eager to pause dreaming and start doing…to transform your life into a reality that you’ve always wanted…I can help. Together we can break down the walls between you and the people you love and from there start nurturing open, loving relationships.

Take the first steps of the journey of the rest of your life! Contact me today to learn more about how my spiritual life coaching service can help you.

Inspired by Kathryn

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