One of the most highly recommended tools for keeping centred when life throws you a curve is meditation. Meditation is a state of deep relaxation that helps you stay connected to your body, your heart, and your inner wisdom. As little as 10-20 minutes a day can make a difference. You can meditate with silence or use a mantra (a repeated word).

Some meditate with soft music, some use guided meditations that can shift their mind to a special place of peace, understanding, and connection. Others may meditate through forms of yoga or a contemplative walk-in nature.

Whatever method you use to get maximum effectiveness of meditation, it is worthwhile to meditate consistently and, if possible, at the same time of day. Experiment with different methods and discover what works best for you.

Inspired by Kathryn

My purpose is to be a catalyst for moving the world together. There is a great deal more to me and what I have to offer others. By nature, I am a passionate, authentic, and strong example of facing life’s adversities and turning them into a source of joy.

I offer my products and services to people all over the world. By connecting others through my products and services, I am building a unique energy field consciously connected by my intention for moving the world together. My products are designed with the intention to inspire people to expand their awareness of who they are as an important part of a larger picture or puzzle of what is happening in the world.